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About the project

This photo hide was constructed under the project "Ćemovsko polje: winning over the hearts of the locals", which began on 10-22-2019 and finished on 07-03-2020, Regional Program of Local Democracy - ReLOaD. The Regional Program for Local Democracy in the Western Balkans - ReLOaD, is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In Montenegro, the ReLOaD program is implemented in partnership with municipalities Tivat, Kotor, Nikšić, Pljevlja and Podgorica.

European Union
Environment Programme
Glavni grad Podgorica

The motivation for the project is the fact that Ćemovsko field on one hand suffers from many anthropogenic pressures: waste disposal, fires, devastation by illegal construction, neglect by relevant Institutions. On the other hand, nationally and internationally important bird species that inhabit Ćemovsko field are endangered and suffering from population decline, while some bird species typical for this kind of habitat have been missing for decades from the area.

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Project objectives

The aim of the project is to establish effective protection of bird fauna and ecologically valuable habitats on the territory of the Capital City. With this project we aim to create preconditions for formal and legal protection of Ćemovsko Polje through:

  • Establishing of long-term cooperation with decision makers and main stakeholders on the conservation of Ćemovsko field species and habitat.
  • Revitalizing the area with conservation measures and monitoring of the status of the habitat.
  • Raising knowledge and awareness of the importance of Ćemovsko field with stakeholders and the general public.


Take a look at the most important species of the living world of Ćemovsko polje in the photo gallery.


This locality is especially important for birds. Throughout the year, it is possible to observe various species of larks, on the spring harriers, and in the summer our only bird-runner, Eurasian stone-curlew, known also as the ‘’night racer’’. There are also many other species: resident, wintering, migratory and nesting birds (European bee-eater, European roller, Eurasian hoopoe, crows, gulls, starlings and others).

The Living World

Interesting inhabitants of Ćemovsko field are also snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles and insects. Typical Mediterranean species of these groups of organisms can be found right here, because the habitat is well preserved. In the spring, one can observe birds and reptiles, and leave the summer for insects.


If you want to discover the secret of how today's Podgorica, the airport and the vineyard complexes looked like at the beginning of the last century, make a trip to Ćemovsko field, next to the Dinoše settlement, along river Cijevna. The contrast of natural and anthropogenic environment makes us gain insight into how fast humans change and shape the environment in which they live in.


You can schedule your appointment in the photo hide by sending a request to: or by messaging to our Facebook page. Your message should contain information about your available days for the photo hide (e.g. only on weekends or similar) and, if applicable, the number of people joining you (max. 1 adult). After sending the request, the EnvPro team will contact you to make an appointment for your visit to the photo hide, and present you with the rules of staying in photo hide.

About Us

Environment Programme (EnvPro) is an NGO working on the preservation of species and habitats, improvement of natural resources use, improvement of quality of life and human well being and building of a sustainable future for all. The organization was established in October 2015 by professionals in the field of environment, research, planning and capacity development with high aspirations of positive socio-economic and environmental changes in Montenegro and Southeast Europe, where it primarily works. EnvPro aims also to be connected internationally to enable use and testing of advanced scientific knowledge, experiences and tools in the pursuit of its mission and in its strive towards empowerment of local stakeholders and organizations.

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